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Japan’s *Hottest Talent* and the *Agencies* you can book them through!

You may contact the agency directly or ask Connections.jp for casting assistance via our trusted agency connections.


Featured Agency(s) of the Month:

Schönberg Models

Poli Nina Veronika Nora Marylin Polina Lana S. Marta Vivien

Alpha Management

Braden Federico Axel Giuseppe Hugo Philip Alexei14536768_10154379281371655_789100955_o

Additional talents will be listed as soon as their agency(s) approve and submit their profiles!


Agencies or freelance talent may contact us at help@connections.jp to apply for a listing! Freelance talent must be a member of one or more agencies listed on this website as Connections.jp does not facilitate freelance-direct work. Fees may apply and internal confidential standards are applied in consultation with talent agencies in decisions regarding to accept a listing.